I accidentally.. every console (PART 1)

Ask me a year and a half ago.. I couldn’t care less about video games. Ask me now. I’m down the deepest rabbit hole I’ve ever gone down and I don’t ever want to leave again.

Now don’t get me wrong. I used to love video gaming all the way up until I started working full time in 2012. I used to play alot of games on Steam, yes I was primarily a PC gamer. Yes I was one of the colloquially named ‘PC Master race’ and proud of it.

HOWEVER! I grew out of love with gaming, I found other interests and other things which filled in my spare time and I’d prefer to watch random videos on YouTube before getting into GTA V or Bioshock Infinite (two games I bought and muddled through to story completion, that in retrospect I should’ve loved but at the time.. couldn’t 😦 ..).

But then the Nintendo Switch came along, and I was very hesitant to buy it because I wasn’t playing anything. I figured it sounded amazing, but why waste my money? I hedged my bets and bought it.

I bought it in late March 2017 back when it was a fancy Zelda machine. I held off buying Zelda because I didn’t think I was that interested in it. But what I found was.. I was playing the switch even when there was nothing I wanted to play, I thought it was the most amazing console with so much potential, I figured whilst I wait for that potential, I’ll buy Zelda. I was not disappointed (Obviously).

120 hours later I was hooked on whatever came through on the eShop, the first thing I’d do every morning is check the Nintendo Switch eShop to see what was new. At the time there wasn’t much. But honestly I just wanted an excuse to use it.

But how did this happen?

It turns out many people in the communities I’ve become part of have found the Switch has reinvigorated their interest in video games. I can’t speak for everyone. But for me, it was the right kind of gimmicky, I had some spare money at the time, I wanted to see what it had to offer. Once I had it in my hands, I knew it was revolutionary, its potential made desperate to follow the news, subscribe to SubReddits, Facebook groups and YouTube channels to keep up with the lore to stay informed on the device.

Most of all I, like many, loved the concept, I am a man who loves intuitive functionality.. The Nintendo Switch has it in spades. Which is why I wanted to play on it even when I was just browsing menu’s etc. Swapping between portable and home uses.

At this point however, it hadn’t clicked yet that I was back into video gaming. I just figured it was a neat device and a fun toy and I was getting alot of joy out of the concept (joycon?). Eventually I began using the Switch more and more as a home console and it began to dawn on me. Maybe I actually enjoy, or maybe even prefer console gaming to PC gaming!?

Featured Image: My Nintendo Switch collection from a few months ago.



  1. This was awesome to read! It’s great to hear that you got back into gaming. Breath of the Wild is defintely a good one to get you back haha. I couldn’t stop playing it. The Switch’s portability is what takes it to the next level of gaming for me.

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