I accidentally.. every console (PART 2)

E3 2017 came along. The first time I ever actually cared about an E3. At this point the only console I had was a Nintendo Switch and a gaming PC I really only used for study. But I found myself hyped for all of it even though I was just watching the keynotes on Youtube.

E3 left me thinking about the Switch and video gaming in general. Something that I assumed I was no longer interested in. I had a theory that I was in fact interested in video gaming but I wasn’t interested in gaming on my PC anymore. A PC which I used for study in a room which I considered the study at a desk covered in papers next to a printer and a calculator and various text books. My theory was I didn’t want to game in my study because it was like an extension of studying.

Xbox’s were on special during E3 so I took a gamble and bought one, obviously I was tossing up between a PS4 and Xbox One S. Took me a while to decide. But in the end I decided on Xbox One S because it was cheaper and I knew I could always buy a PS4 later if I find myself using the Xbox frequently enough. This may not make sense to alot of people. But to me it did because the Xbox sounded appealing enough to me. It’s backwards compatible with the 360 and has cross platform support with Windows 10, so from my perspective it was covering a good amount of bases, also I’d always wanted to play Forza.

So I bought the Xbox and played it often enough, but I could never get out of my head the exclusives I was missing out on on the PS4. Games that sounded really interesting to me like Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Crash Trilogy (Obviously turns out this is just a timed exclusive), also I was keen to eventually get the PSVR because I wanted to see what it was like (not just the goggles on the phone type VR). So I bought a PS4 and proceeded to buy The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Neir Automata, as well as the titles above.

..And I couldn’t wait so I bought VR and bought a few games for that.. And then I heard VR looked better on PS4 Pro so I sold my PS4 and upgraded to a PS4 Pro. I have determined it does look better.

At this point I realized I had jumped down the console gaming rabbit hole and concluded ‘yes I enjoy video games again’. Because for me video gaming always sounded fun, games always sounded fun but at my PC I’d try and play them, but I’d instantly feel like I’d prefer to do something else. Not bored per se, just antsy to get up and move around or watch something or lie down etc… Realising I was enjoying video gaming again by moving my gaming into the lounge room away from my computer, as a new environment to enjoy my spare time in. It opened up the flood gates for all the games that sounded interesting to me. I proceeded to collect for all three consoles and try and find a balance where I could enjoy all of them without neglecting them because they cost alot of money, and because they were all new and I wanted to get my use out of them.

My love for gaming continued to grow and I proceeded to surround myself with gaming lore, subscribing to a bunch of YouTube channels, groups etc. Just like I did for the Switch but for the Xbox and Playstation.

It was and continues to be alot of fun. As I went on I became just as interested in playing video games as I did the history of video gaming. Obviously with a PC gaming background you wouldn’t think I had much experience with the history of video gaming as much of that lies in home consoles. But in my childhood I loved console gaming, in fact I still had access to alot of old consoles I just had to go get them.

Featured Image: My modern gaming setup.

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