I accidentally.. every console (PART 3)

My Dad used to be a console collector of sorts when he was younger. Some of which he collected personally when he was into video gaming himself, and some which he was given years after the consoles were in their heyday (Something I’m pretty glad he did).

I don’t remember exactly, but one of the first consoles I remember playing on was the Atari 7800. A few years later there was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and the Sega Master System in an unknown order.

I played NES and Master System for a number of years and at some point my Dad got into computers and he built me, my brother and sister computers. This would’ve been about 1997-98. But other than Ski or Die and Chips challenge amongst various Soleau software games they weren’t anything compared to what was available on console. However between the PC and NES and Master System, I felt satisfied, even though I knew kids were playing on PS1 and N64 at this point.

I never really got any consoles again at least not when they were current. But at that point I was fully satisfied with PC and far more interested in doing myself up a good PC. I’m pretty sure I was still in primary school when I built my own computer for the first time… and playing games on this was good enough for me even though at the time PC still was a little behind consoles at least at any affordable price.. and there certainly weren’t very many games compared to consoles at this point either.

But I was happy playing what was available, Jill of the Jungle, Hocus Pocus, PC ports of Sonic and Mario, Commander Keen, Jazz Jackrabbit, Lemmings, admittedly some Doom and Wolfenstein too! However as you may tell. These were all old games. At this point it was at least early 2000’s and these games were all early to mid 1990’s. Well it didn’t really matter because no one was playing PC in my friendship circles back then, everyone was console gaming so I guess I didn’t really feel any urge to compete and have the same sorts of things they had, because I’d already accepted PC as my place to play games. I never realised how much I was missing out on until years later, but these were fun games nonetheless.

Around the same time (early 2000’s) my Dad was either gifted or bought at a cheap price two Sega Mega Drives and two Super Nintendo’s and somewhere in there was a PS1. This spiked my interest and I played a small number of games on the PS1 at this point everyone was on the PS2 but I had some fun playing a few games on there. I also got into Sonic on the Mega Drive, but we never got any games for the Super Nintendo.

So for the most part of my childhood I was enjoying outdated PC gaming and outdated console gaming and every step up I made was a step up years behind everyone else. Now I’m not looking down on everything I had. I was still happy. Hell I don’t even think I knew. I just thought the games I played were PC games and everyone else played console games and they were just different besides I did enjoy tinkering with my PC and PC parts to get more ‘juice’ out of it. Even if that juice was a 32mb graphics card in a world that was up to 256mb at that time.

Nonetheless. I eventually managed to scrape together my own money at some point in early high school I built a PC that could play modern games at low to medium settings. I played a bunch of games like the early Call of Duty and Brothers in Arms, Need for Speed, Tony Hawk, Prince of Persia. This is the point where I got quite heavy into gaming. Decent AAA games were coming to PC and I had a PC to run them. Although I never had a top of the line computer (even today), I always could play modern games, and that was and still is enough for me.

Featured Image: A majority of games I bought during my PC gaming days and since sold, which I now deeply regret. I started buying games solely on Steam and still do occasionally but never should’ve sold off what I had physically. The PC in the center is one of my early gaming PC’s.

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