I accidentally.. every console (PART 4)

So I went to my Dad’s place, curious about what consoles he had lying around. Being invested in console gaming at this point, I felt it my duty to find and restore these treasured possessions and see if they still work. I bundled them in boxes and took them to my house and worked with what I had to find one of the two NES’s worked, however could benefit from a new 72-pin connector. The Mega Drive’s and Master Systems didn’t have the right power supply, and I had no games or controllers for the Super Nintendo’s however they both powered on okay. The Atari 2600 however was the surprising one as it was potentially in the worst condition of all the consoles I collected from my Dad’s however it worked well. It just needed the cartridge connector cleaned up a bit to help with pin contact,  however even before this it was okay.

Atari (1).jpg
Here’s me testing River Raid to see if the console worked better after a good dust clean and cleaning up the pin contacts. It did 🙂

Now I had started a new hobby. Which was to get the remainder of these consoles working, I went on eBay and bought various parts, I bought a power supply for the Mega Drives and an AV cable for each as they both take different ones, I bought a new 72-pin connector for the NES, I bought a controller and game for the Super Nintendo’s to test those. I also obtained a PS1 which needed an AV multi-out. I eventually obtained a power supply for the Atari 7800’s and most recently bought a genuine controller for the Mega Drive’s. My Dad was also a Commodore collector and he had two Commodore 64’s and a Vic 20 which all seem to power on however not much of my childhood links back in any way to these so I’ve found I haven’t been too invested in getting them playing games, it is however on the list of to do’s!

So I was making progress here and having a good time playing old retro games from my childhood, cleaning the consoles up, purchasing parts and replacing them. I came to realize I was having alot of fun. I used to work in IT and since decided on a career change, I thought maybe this is a great outlet for my technical proficiency to grow or at least not disappear!

At that point I decided I’d slowly collect every console, at the most bargain basement price I could find, and if they didn’t work and the reason sounded repairable, then I’d have a project. In this order a bought a Gamecube, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox OG, Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii U and most recently a Sega Saturn. I also had a Nintendo Wii that I bought but barely played in 2012 (Making up for it now!)

My wife had a N64 at her Mum’s place and my Dad had a few obscure 1st and 2nd Gen consoles, Soundic TV Sports and Sheen M1200 and maybe a less obscure 5th Gen Amiga CD32 (with no controller, power or AV cables) which I picked up. I bought a Plasma and CRT to play all these games on, a cheap AV to HDMI converter that generally provides a sharper image and in amongst all this I’ve been finding hidden gems from op-shops and eBay.

Obviously there are more consoles out there, and the ones I do have still aren’t 100% but it’s all part of the hobby so I’m plodding away working on what I can with the money I barely have (cause I spent it all already).

At present I’m still blown away with how much I missed out on by resigning myself to PC gaming for so long. Numerous times (probably 100’s) I remember saying to myself ‘oh not coming to PC either’. Obviously this isn’t too much of an issue anymore, but there does exist 100’s of awesome games I’ve never played but wanted to. However now I can play them!

I don’t believe games get better, they just get better graphics, which barely means anything in terms of a good game. So I have a huge backlog of games from all generations to get through, I however don’t have quite that much time, but I’ll collect them and play them at some point in my lifetime because they will always be great.

The last four posts, were meant to be just one post, then just two, then just three. But it turns out I had alot to say. However I don’t want to write too much about my experiences on this site. In fact I want to discuss gaming in different ways, I want to look at the evolution and demise of companies, the evolution and demise of hardware, the ubiquity of gaming icons, the design of games, and of consoles, controllers, cabling. Maybe with a personal spin on things and my own view points on things. But for me Video gaming has always been more than just the games, for the longest time I was just a PC gamer. But I loved the lore of console gaming, the generations, the successes and failures and the history, now I feel I can finely back this up with my own little collection. I feel for me gaming is just an interesting thing to follow. I could never play a game again and still find the whole topic so interesting.

So if this is something that interests you, then I’ll be posting about anything and everything in the world of games, past, present and future 🙂

Featured Image: An image of my console collection from a few months ago, it has changed since then however not too substantially as for me to feel the need to take another.

Post Images: Pictures previously taken by the me for use in my Instagram.

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