*Insert Nintendo Switch Pun here* – My Thoughts

^It’s time to Switch it up^ and talk about my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch.

A lot of people have released videos and articles about the Nintendo Switch a year on. Which made me think about my thoughts about the Switch. People who didn’t like it, now love it, people who did like it, love it somewhat more, and there is a sense of pride gained when something you invested in early on does you proud even when you obviously have little to no stake in the product.

But I invested in my Nintendo Switch in it’s opening month, and I touched upon it in my first post ever.. last week.. but it stills blows me away how Nintendo’s latest console basically reinvigorated my interest in video games. I’m back to emptying my wallet on a weekly basis through the satisfaction of consumer culture and online shopping bargains. Which I maintain is still one of the better ways I could spend my money.

My collection from a few months ago. Which has grown since, but mostly in digital games.

Speculation around the Switch is quite a fun thing to do.. and Nintendo thus far has been prone to playing into speculation almost like it’s the drug it feeds on to run the company. For example, the start of this year had people excited for the upcoming announcement of a possible date for a hypothetical Direct that generally happens in January. I know I was excited. Dates of things in the gaming world are very meaningful to us consumers and something like the Switch, throwing dates around is like having a cannon shoot gifts but coming sometime in May. Dates are like upcoming presents, where the gift is speculation and the present is sometimes disappointing.

Which brings me onto my main point which is.. the Switch can’t help but be both amazing and disappointing at the same time. I don’t believe there’s any other option. When a device such as the Switch thrusts into the gaming world on the back of something like the Wii U it sends everyone involved into a tail spin. I everyone, even PC gamer’s became Meerkats, ‘what’s happening over there at Nintendo, something’s happening, I have to see what’s happening’.

I for one did this, ‘what’s this, this is interesting, I’m curious’. It was curious because it was an interesting concept, it came on the back of a console that hadn’t been out for that long (compared to most consoles of the 7th, 8th generation), the ads alone were enough for me want one, and I never let myself be swayed by an ad because I like to do my research for 2 hours before I invest bulk money into things.

Now obviously the Switch has become popular, it’s breaking records left, right and centre and it’s clear that Nintendo is back into the limelight as a real power player in the home console space. But this I feel has bought with it some issues which I’m confident Nintendo is aware of.

First of all Nintendo could never have anticipated the Switch’s success. I think most people would feel this way. Many are clamoring to make games for the device. It’s popularity is driving development is driving popularity. For me it’s become indie central and I love finding new indie games to play on it.. and there’s hundreds.. already!

Competition could never have anticipated the Switch’s success.. more clamoring.

Public could never have anticipated the Switch’s success.. even more clamoring…. basically everyone was and still is clamoring.

Switch Crop
My Switch on a NES. I enjoy comparing the latest vs the earliest.

Nintendo is being clever for the most part in it’s AAA releases, directs, drip feeding of information.. the LABO… which for me feels like Nintendo saying “of course we know the Switch can do heaps of neat things! we made it!” alongside “ugh no one liked 1-2 Switch, we need something more to showcase the IR sensor and motion controls”…I for one am curious about the LABO.

But people want lots of things for the Switch. Nintendo needs to (and obviously is the best it can) organise it’s updates, features, game releases and past game access (virtual console) intelligently. As if Nintendo is saying “Okay, we’re back guys, we did it!! lets throw everything into it now!! MOTION CONTROL EVERYTHING!!!”.. “WAIT STOP.. lets think this through! we’re on a good run, lets just do things one step at a time”.. and I feel this is what Nintendo’s doing. Its agonizing for some but Nintendo is remaining successful and has a butt load in the bank still to come. I mean it can release a direct with sub par information then a teaser for Super Smash Bros and everyone changes their mind about the direct. Why on earth would Nintendo bother about releasing lots at once when one big announcement is enough?

Big announcements sprinkled through the Switches life span, it’ll work out fine. But obviously it is frustrating because millions of people have the switch now and we all want different things on it. Nintendo seems to be dragging their feet, but I don’t think that’s what their doing. I think it’s two things.

  1. Nintendo physically can’t cater to everyone’s demands for their console which has many different ways to play already, including:
    • All things people may want from a home console
    • All things people may want from a portable console
    • All things people may want from a Nintendo console
  2. Nintendo is trying to be different, take things at a different speed and keep the lifetime of the Switch to it’s full potential, so it’s sprinkling its features out at what appears a snails pace to some.. but to others, it’s ticking all the boxes.

For me. I just want Virtual Console, I mean there isn’t a device on the planet that holds a candle to the Switch when it comes to playing old games on a modern device (in my opinion). I also want folders, themes and Youtube. However for now, I’m loving all the indie games!

Featured Image: A picture of two of my Switch joy-cons attached to the sides of my Gamecube.

Post Images: Pictures previously taken by the me for use in my Instagram.




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