Appreciating the scope of gaming

At this point, I felt it necessary to express what excites me about video gaming, amongst the people I know, I feel I’m in the minority. Where for me gaming is far more of a hobby than a verb to express the action of playing the latest FPS night after night.

For the most part, I find it unfortunate the narrow mindedness of gaming culture. The continuous releases of similar games year after year and the public keeps buying into it year after year, including myself in some cases. However narrow mindedness is fine because it’s also the beauty of gaming, every rabbit hole you go down has it’s own world that is well defined and supported by developers and publishers and has a huge community to get around; but for me I can’t help but want to look beyond the FPS, MMORPG, Simulation, JRPG, casual gaming etc.

I mean, I enjoy exploring these genre’s, but I enjoy exploring new genre’s just as much. New genre’s and the history of these genre’s and the platforms these genre’s are on, and where in the world these genre’s are popular. Beyond that, intellectual properties, consoles, hardware, operating systems, PC gaming, retro consoles, retro gaming, collecting of retro games. Beyond that, missed opportunities, what could’ve been, games that never made release, games that were going to be different, consoles that never were, consoles that would’ve been different. In gaming I find it all interests me, and I never get tired of finding out more information about any aspect of it.

As a hobby it’s become less about playing my favorite games and more about exploring what games defined what genre’s, defined what platforms, defined what developers and publishers. What platforms defined what generations, and what companies. I mean I still keep on top of new games I want to play, but I enjoy exploring ‘hands-on’ what was. What was amazing ‘back in the day’ and what platform was a ‘flop’. Collecting becomes part of it, less for the sake of collecting and more for the sake of experience and exploration of the hardware and software. Seeking people who feel the same way or different or have opinions about past-present and future games and platforms etc.

Obviously I’m being very vague here, but my point is, I feel gaming to the lay-person is often someone who sits in a chair or on a couch with a controller and stares at a screen for far too long then goes to bed far too late. This.. is definitely part of it. But for me it’s much more and I get so much joy out of it. These days there seems to be much more support surrounding retro gaming and much more information out there regarding the history of gaming and companies involved within it. I feel like I’m not alone in feeling like games don’t get old, they’ve just been out for longer and are still as good as ever. Consoles don’t belong in the bin when games are no longer released for them, they belong on the shelf next to new consoles, because games still run on them and are still fun to play. The dimensions of gaming are vast and interesting and often I’m blown away by some of the things that have and haven’t happened in the history of video games.

I understand this post isn’t really anything more than a personal anecdote about my view on gaming, but I wanted to express it as it really is a reflection of what this website is all about. Discussing every aspect of the world of video gaming because it’s really really interesting.

Featured Image: A collage of some of my gaming collection. All pictures and more can be found at my Instagram @mostly_retro

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