Buying a 3DS in 2018

Well aside from the fact that I’ve noticed both screens on my new ‘new Nintendo 3DS XL’ are TN not IPS. Which I’ve managed to reassure myself doesn’t matter because I literally had to remember it was a thing with the 3DS’s, investigate what the difference was and then try and see it on mine. Aside from the fact I now can’t unsee it.. I figure I will not care anymore in about a week or so.

I mean it’s 2018 does it really matter? 3DS is on it’s way out anyway!?

This is true. The 3DS and its one billion different models are ‘allegedly’ on their way out, even though Nintendo plans to support the console in 2019. Although I have a Switch and a whole bunch of consoles, I currently don’t own a dedicated handheld gaming device. I know as soon as I buy a 3DS I’ll buy a DS and GBA, GBC, GB, Game Gear and whatever else I can get my grubby bargain basement hands on for a respectable and not over-inflated-because-retro price.. which is why I only just got a Saturn, Sega’s least successful console.. sigh.

My point is.. I wanted something I was okay with taking with me to work, I wanted something with handheld virtual console, I wanted something I didn’t feel the unabating need to dock as soon as I’ve finished using it.. I wanted folders and themes and YouTube and Mario side-scrollers and all the things the Switch was dragging it’s feet with. As I allude to in My discussion on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is spreading it’s Nintendo-ness across a timeline that may even get Gabe Newell excited. Nintendo wants to take it’s time and do things right, and get the most out of the Switch and cater to all the wants and needs of the consumer without the temptation of appending a capital ‘U’ to anything. Honestly hats off to you Nintendo for doing so, it’s obviously working out, however I’m going to play around on a 3DS in 2018 whilst I wait for you to offer everything I’m after.

This was the primary reason I wanted a 3DS in 2018, because I wasn’t getting everything I wanted from the Switch. I mean it’s not Nintendo’s fault I don’t want to take a Switch to work, but otherwise.. yeah Nintendo.. I blame you.. but in a good way.. because I understand.

However I’ve got the 3DS now, and I’m not going to say it’s better than I expected, because it isn’t, but what is surprising is the 3D.. is generally pretty average.. but when it isn’t average.. It’s really good! In fact I’m actually blown away by the 3D remastered classic titles. To the degree that I want to buy all the classics on here because it looks really neat, it’s like experiencing the game all over again in a new way (in my humble opinion)… I also have on order some 1st party titles too which the 3D is supposed to work well with.. but also I like Nintendo games.

This is already enough for me to own a 3DS, also I’m intrigued about the SNES pixel perfect Virtual Console so I’ll see what that’s like. But for now I’m pretty stoked to have something that feels complete and fills a niche in my gaming lifestyle and takes my mind off of the things I still want from the Switch but have yet to transpire.

..and to answer the question of why I didn’t buy a 3DS until now.. please see my earlier posts.. but what is notable is did want a 3DS back when it released in 2011, but at the time I couldn’t afford it as I was a poor uni student. When I could afford it I was no longer interested in video games.. once again please see my earlier posts as to how such a travesty could occur..

I also haven’t mentioned one of my other regrets is selling my DS lite.. I loved the DS but then sold it.. like an idiot. Apparently I was too busy or some crap that makes me try and sound interesting when in reality I’m just trying my darndest to be a douchebag without anyone noticing… But I will definitely repurchase a DS soon.. in the meantime I’ll find comfort knowing I can finally play Elite Beat Agent’s, Cooking Mama  and all my favorite Nintendo platformers on the backwards compatible 3DS till my hearts content.

Featured Image: My new 3DS with 3D Sonic the Hedgehog ready to be played on it… noticable washed out screens thanks to both screens being TN, but I promise I don’t care..


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