My Thoughts on E3 2018

It’s a little less than a month out from E3 so I figured I’d do a post about what I’m most excited about heading into E3. 

PlaylogoFrom Sony I’m not expecting much more than what’s mentioned here. A rehash of a few upcoming titles and potentially some new games. We have learned Sony doesn’t plan to announce any new systems this E3 (unless they’re lying). Although I thought they may announce the PS5 this E3 for release very late 2019 (I was a little optimistic when I made that prediction). Sony is still selling consoles, so why announce another one just yet? From Sony’s perspective holding off from announcing a new system is a smart decision however next year’s E3 would have to be the year for hardware announcements. Also there’s some speculation about a Vita 2, which I’m given to believe wont be coming based of this article leading up to E3 2017. I mean it may be in the works, but this E3 no way.

However I’m very curious about Death Stranding so more information on this would be great and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on that one. I’m also a fan of the Last of Us however I just don’t think they’ll have too much to show us yet. I could be proven wrong and I’d love to be proven wrong. But as far as their showing at E3 this year, it sounds like a cross between a Nintendo direct type format with their developer couch talk format from PlayStation Experience 2017. In all honesty, I don’t expect much more than what we already know Sony is bringing to the table, but I think Sony has alot in store for us down the road to blow our socks off, just not this year.

xboxMicrosoft I’m a little more curious about.. obviously the past few years they’ve had lackluster offerings in terms of games and without any strong exclusives many seem to dismiss Xbox, even though in most respects Microsoft is only doing good things by not having exclusives and having their first party titles available on PC and other platforms. However if Microsoft does this and Sony doesn’t and maintains a heavy exclusive lineup people will just get a Playstation. Nonetheless I feel like Microsoft may be changing things up and bringing some ‘console exclusive’ titles back to the Xbox this year after announcing they were changing their venue to the Microsoft Theatre. Alluding to the possibility of having alot to show us. To the point that I think alot of what’s shown in this E3 2018 leak might be pretty accurate. I’m a huge fan of Forza Horizon and very curious as to what Microsoft has on offer with Crackdown 3 this E3, will it get a release date? I actually think it will this year; and I’ll be buying Forza Horizon 4 regardless of if it’s announced at E3 or not!

ninNintendo is guaranteed to bring alot to the table this year, simply because they have a new console which even PC gamers seem to like! I mean Nintendo hasn’t been this popular since the original Wii so they have alot going on at the moment. Smash Bros will of course be a large part of their E3 showing. Potentially Pokemon Switch, however we’re led to believe that will be announced even sooner than E3. Some info about Metroid, maybe more about Yoshi? I’m certain Nintendo has alot up their sleeve that people won’t be expecting, it’s kinda what they’re known for. But I’d also like to hear more about their online service too and what the NESflix will be like, will it ever become a SNESflix?

Square Enix has a big showing which some speculate will see information on the Final Fantasy VII remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. Ubisoft had a great conference last year, this year promises a number of games, I’m most interested in Beyond Good and Evil 2 and The Crew 2. We already know about Rage 2 from Bethesda which I’m interested in seeing more information about. EA will hopefully have more on Anthem and of course there are numerous other games and publishers which if I keep going will just become a list of games probably being announced at E3 which can be found here anyway! But there will of course be other publishers and developers announcing games during this time some of which I’m curious about but at this point there’s starting to seem like alot to hope for this coming E3.

Less than a month away with EA kicking things off Saturday, June 9 at 2AM Western Australian Time. Like last year. I can’t wait 🙂 even if there’s games I’m not too interested in, it really is fun to see what the latest in video gaming is and what publishers and developers have in store now and in the coming years.

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