Atari VCS crowdfunding is live, and Intellivision is making a new console too!

Hi all, for those still unaware or not too interested in following Atari VCS, pre-orders are now live for the console.

I’ve gone on about it a few times on this blog already, however am holding out for a little while to pre-order as I simply can’t afford to pre-order it at the moment. The only option I am interested in is the ‘Atari VCS™ Collector’s ALL IN’ bundle which works out to be $448.52 Australian before shipping therefore I have no choice but to wait and probably miss out on the limited collector’s edition. One has to make some sacrifices when trying to budget for the E3 season and unfortunately this has to be one of them.

Nonetheless I am very curious about it, we now know (vaguely) the specs of the system:


One of my favorite Youtuber’s Spawnwave talks about the system specs amongst other things on his channel. Likening it to an A10-9700E APU which will run modern games like GTA5 etc, just at sub-par specs, which I assume may be similar to the Switch’s capacity to run modern games. Not too bad all things considered however it does beg the question if the system really appeals to anyone outside of Atari’s hardcore fan base.

… and in all honesty I’m not actually a hardcore Atari fan. I played the Atari a little when I was very young, however I grew up with the NES and Sega Master System. Yet it would’ve been the very first console I played (Or at least remember playing) so in that sense, Atari means something to me. So I’m not too interested in Atari’s backlog of games, they are good games and I enjoy playing them even today, however I don’t have too much nostalgia attached to anything beyond breakout, missile command, asteroids, the basic’s really! However I will eventually pre-order because I love gaming technology, I think it’s really interesting and collecting tech is something I enjoy doing and exploring. So I’ll definitely get one and put it to use probably as a media centre for my study and I’ll play any exclusives they may bring to the console and I’ll certainly explore the Atari vault and play the many great games that made Atari a household name for many years.

Now to the Intellivision

Also hoping to release a console at some point in the next few years. You can find information here, here and here about it which are a Youtube interview with Tommy Tallarico talking about the console, a news release announcing the console and a Q and A with Intellivision on Facebook, respectively. I never played an Intellivision console but it’s on my list of vintage console’s to buy and see what I missed out on! It seems we won’t have any concrete information on the console until October 1st 2018 however it sounds like it will be oriented to the family and be more of an indie machine releasing old and new games, very much sounding like what Atari is doing with their VCS.

Original Intellivision – 1979

According to the Q and A and this article it sounds like the console will come with 10 new games and old games will run through an emulator. They aren’t looking to be a media box, or play AAA titles, just to play more casual non-gamer friendly games, some might say similar to mobile gaming, others might say similar to the Ouya. However Intellivision tries to differentiate themselves from these saying mobile gaming is very solitary whereas a console can be more of a family experience and it’s not like the Ouya attempting to compete with modern top-end consoles, instead it’s for ‘folks who want to play simple games with their families’. Potentially if it’s priced right, it will sell well. I’m sure it will sell for those nostalgic for the Intellivision and I’ll buy one at some point. But it sure seems to be becoming a trend amongst vintage console brands who have in the past released micro consoles like Atari and now Intellivision, releasing a more substantial experience with new games and additional features.

It will be interesting to see what both Atari and Intellivision bring to the masses. Atari’s will bring theirs around Mid 2019 (I guessed right!) and Intellivision will give us more information in October which will be interesting. What will be the most interesting is if these console’s will be successful, will we be seeing revisions? Will we be seeing more company’s from the past making new consoles?

It’s an exciting time to be a gamer, a fascinating and unprecedented time, it feels like the landscape of the video game console market is transforming as we speak and whether Atari or Intellivision are the one’s to sway or simply dilute the market, or maybe a new player will return and change up the competition? All I know is in 5 years or so it’s probably not going to be the usual Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo conversation anymore.

Featured Image – Atari VCS logo as found here and the Intellivision logo as found here. The logo’s do not meet the threshold of originality according to Wikimedia Commons.

Post Media

Youtube video can be sourced by clicking the word Youtube when playing the video.

The specifications are found here on Atari’s indiegogo page.

Lastly the Intellivision image credit: By Evan-Amos [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

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