Finding the Time for Gaming

I wanted to write a post exploring Gaming as a hobby and the struggle to find time for it to the point I feel like I’m satisfied. I mean always manage a couple hours a day on average which to most people is plenty and to me it’s plenty but for some reason it never feels like enough.

Currently I’m playing Super Mario Sunshine on Gamecube, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 on Switch (plus a bunch of indie titles), Burnout Revenge on Xbox One, The Crew on Xbox 360 (Patiently), Guitar Hero Live on Wii U, Uncharted Golden Abyss on Vita and Donkey Kong Country Revenge on 3DS during my lunch breaks at work. In fact, only now do I realise that’s alot to be playing at once! However I enjoy the variety splitting my game time amongst systems, but it’s kinda discouraging too.


Further there’s E3 right around the corner and all these new games I want to play, I have a RetroPie with a whole bunch of games I want to play on that and a backlog of games I want to play before their sequels come out. Not to mention all the specials that happen this time of year on games. At this point I feel like there’s just too many options!

However, maybe the question isn’t finding time for gaming it’s finding a way to enjoy video gaming more in the time I have? I mean I enjoy it enough even with the fact that I’m struggling to complete any games, but how do I get the satisfaction of regularly completing games whilst still maintaining the variety I also crave? Potentially the answer lies in Nostalgia Trigger’s post called “8 thoughts on ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Game‘”

I read it two months ago but obviously haven’t heeded their words. Basically it talks about enjoying the games you have instead of trying to stay ahead of the curb with new games coming out. Something which I’m trying to do since listening to Radical Reggie’s Youtube video called ‘Why I don’t buy new games‘. But it also talks about not getting caught up in completing games you don’t enjoy, you can always come back to them in years to come (I mean there’s alot of good points in the post but they’re my two main takeaways from it). I also liked the idea of sorting games by ones you have a desire to play. Not ones you feel guilty about not playing, but ones you really want to play, and calling this the backlog. Which resonates with me a bit because I’ll play any game from any generation. I don’t particularly care about specs and graphics unless the specs hinder the performance of the game. So what I’m trying to get into my head at this point is an appreciation of not having to have the newest and best video game because I obviously don’t care. Did I need Super Mario Sunshine back in 2002? No because I can appreciate the hell out of it now and honestly I’m kind of blown away by how it looks for a 2002 game.

I think what I need to do is get through the games I’m currently playing one or two games at a time and after that focus on my backlog of games I actually want to play, and if they turn out to not be my thing, simply shelve them because I know that I’d be okay coming back to it if I feel like it. New games I’ll just get when I can as opposed to breaking the bank whenever a whole bunch come out at once that I want. I’ll get around to them when I can and if I forget about them down the road maybe I didn’t want to play them that much in the first place and I just hopped aboard the hype train.

So maybe this post, resonates with some who struggle in similar ways, but gaming isn’t meant to be a struggle. We have too much choice these days, and I’ve opened myself up to too many options, and like with most other parts of life it becomes a situation of narrowing in on what’s most important or most fun and exciting and investing time into that. When I was young I used to love the games I had, I only ever had a few games at a time, but I’d play the hell out of them and love it anyway. Now I’ve spoiled myself with choice and I have to manually place those restrictions on myself to get the same amount of joy out of the games I play today. I think the beauty of getting into just one video game or two at a time is you can really get into them and surround yourself with just that game as opposed to losing that illusion by interrupting it with other games. I used to love that and I feel like I barely get that feeling anymore. So I might focus on finishing Super Mario Sunshine and then whatever I decide to finish next I’ll focus on that and maybe I’ll feel a little bit more satisfied with my gaming time.

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  1. I appreciate the out-link! Glad to see it resonated.

    I see backlog culture like being treated to the world’s largest buffet. It may have all the food the world has to offer, but at the end of the day, you can really only eat a microscopic portion of all the food out there. The rest of it, you’re just paying to eat food you don’t have room for.

    I’m a huge fan of the big time Youtube collectors like MetalJesus and of course, as you mentioned, Radical Reggie. I’ve never actually seen that video but it’s queued up for later 🙂

    There are lots of reasons to not buy new games, and I realized that the prices drop _so fast_ these days that if I just waited a year, I could get them on sale for nearly half price. I got into the Vita and 3DS much later than their respective hay-days and I probably never spent more than $20 a game, buying used or just heavily discounted. Of course, having cleared nearly all of my Vita/3DS games I wanted to play at this point, I’m now open to buying new games for the Switch. But it gives the games you _do_ buy, more emotional investment and personal value.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about being super-strict about what you want to play, and factor in the amount of time you have. Playing anything because you feel guilty for not playing it is the quick way to burnout mode!

    I loved how the 3DS had the detailed Activity Log cause I could see exactly how many hours I played each month, and then use that number to decide what to buy. Hopefully the Switch follows suit.

    Best of luck going through the backlog!


    • Thanks Geddy, yes I love MetalJesus, I go to him for alot of games to buy on my older systems. It is kinda hard to not follow hype, you kind of want to play all these games because they’re ‘really good’ and ‘the next ones coming out soon you have to play the others’ I have a big ‘Fear of Missing Out’ alot of the time and I’m trying to be more patient.

      The price drops are quite fast, I noticed that with a number of Switch games I wanted last year but didn’t get. I’m really going to try and hold off buying anything that’s not on sale or at a decent price at least for a while, I mean if I have no games to play I might buy a new game here and there. But for as long as I have a backlog I’ll try not to because as you say it’ll be half price in a year and if it’s just a single player game there’s nothing to lose except less people are talking about it and I certainly don’t care about that!

      Thanks for the comment!


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