E3 Wrap Up

To follow up on my post in anticipation of E3 I figured I’d also do a post of my thoughts after E3. I’m not seeking to summarise everything that happened, you can find that anywhere on the internet, but more seeking to feature the things that interested me and address my previous E3 anticipation post.

PlaylogoSony’s presentation for me was a little lacklustre, they showed off alot of good titles, in particular Death Stranding is starting to look incredibly interesting, introducing a new character played by Lindsay Wagner into the mix alongside the main protagonist played by Norman Reedus. However strangely no release date (or even release year), personally I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a launch title for the PS5 or maybe a cross platform between the PS4 and PS5, but I’m kind of enjoying the trickle feed of game trailers, drip feeding new footage, characters and information. It is potentially frustrating for some, but I have enough to keep me entertained. I like the speculation on what the game is about and what the trailers mean, it seems to be building up hype amongst others also, but I’ll definitely be playing it when it comes out (in a few decades!!).

The Last of Us 2 looks great and although I will probably wait for a while before I buy it, I enjoyed the original enough to buy this one. For me personally the original Last of Us didn’t necessarily blow me away, potentially because I played it when I was getting a little tired of zombies. However the story was compelling and I’m sure the sequel will be no exception.

The new Spiderman game which isn’t too far away now, although never previously excited me, after watching gameplay footage during E3, I’m kinda interested in it. I’m not generally a Spiderman fan, but I’m a huge fan of open world gameplay, especially when you can run up walls and fly around cities.. and they’ve done a great job from what I can tell with the Spiderman web slinging and wall running mechanics so I’m pretty keen to go flying around the city defeating baddies.

xboxMicrosoft had a good conference and bought us Halo Infinite, Gears 5, Horizon 4; Devil May Cry 5 and Cyberpunk 2077 were also shown there, of which I’m very excited for Horizon 4 and Cyberpunk 2077. I’d say the level of intrigue I have for Cyberpunk 2077 is similar to that of Death Stranding in that I’ve heard about it although I have no idea what they’re about quite yet. I never got much into Halo and I’m only just starting to explore Gears (very late to the party) but otherwise I especially enjoyed the conference. For me Horizon 4 is something I can hold off on, but I’m so intrigued by Cyberpunk 2077 I’ll probably pick it up as soon as possible, no release date has been given at this point, so I guess I’ll be waiting a few more years yet.

What was interesting was Microsoft’s very brief mention of ‘console’s’ which they are working on. Many speculating Microsoft meant the plural, as in multiple consoles. As a gaming tech enthusiast I can only be excited because whether it is multiple console’s or just a slip of the tongue or misunderstanding and just one console, the fact remains is Microsoft is:

“Deep into architecturing the next Xbox consoles” Phil Spencer

.. and lastly on Microsoft I can’t forget their 5 new studios including the Initiative, Undead Labs, Playground Games, Ninja Theory and Compulsion Games. Now I can imagine some might not like this set of acquisitions, but for me, I could not be happier for Microsoft. I mean I am more a Playstation gamer than an Xbox gamer, however this is solely due to the exclusives as Playstation’s exclusives are amazing. Xbox has the better console at this stage, all they need are the games and if these studios can bring exclusives I will start getting all my games for Xbox hands down (and buy an X instead of my current S). What Phil Spencer is doing with Xbox are all great, consumer oriented things. What is happening at Sony is more business oriented, they’re not phased about the consumer and far more interested in their bottom line. I guess I understand why this is the case, Xbox needs sales, Playstation is doing fine, however it’s actions like this that will inevitably shift the favor to a more even playing field and I honestly believe in a year or two’s time Xbox will be catching up to Playstation.

ninNintendo for me was great up until they showed off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for a little too long. I’ve never played a Smash game so it simply didn’t interest me, however I can certainly see why people are excited for it. I mean they are bringing back every character that has ever featured in a Smash game, in a game where it’s pretty damn important what character you play as. This is a very consumer focussed decision and it’s quite clear Nintendo put a lot of time and effort to bring this game to this level of development with this much packed into it after only announcing it at the start of the year. I mean as I say, I’m not a Smash person, but I’ll be giving it a go as it certainly looks like it will be the definitive Smash game. So I’m keen to see what all the hype is about. Other than that we saw a number of other titles announced, Super Mario Party and Daemon X Machina in particular sound interesting to me alongside a host of third party titles and first party titles we heard about in previous directs etc.

Many are disappointed with the Switch’s E3 presentation, and in the most part, I was too, however as one Youtuber pointed out:

.. although I don’t watch too much ProJared, I do value his viewpoint on expectations, we can’t expect Nintendo to provide what’s in our heads, because that doesn’t exist, only what they show exists.. and what they showed, was actually pretty good! and I totally agree. I personally was a little disappointed, but as far as their E3 showing was concerned it was good!

To address the remainder of the E3 press conferences, far sake of brevity I’ll list out in dot point form the games I’m excited about and comment next to them as I see fit.

  • Elder Scrolls 6: Obviously
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: Donald duck next to Jack Sparrow, sold! and Kingdom Hearts duh.
  • Fallout 76: I like Fallout
  • Anthem
  • Beyond Good and Evil 2
  • Maverick’s Proving Grounds: Stuff 100 players, try 1000!

So let’s see what happens in the coming year for gaming, I’m excited to keep collecting and playing old games, dabbling in some newer ones, and getting really keen for E3 2019 where many expect to hear about new hardware.

For me as previously mentioned I’m trying not to get too heavy into new game purchases (I have what feels like an infinite backlog at the moment!!), so I’m soaking up the hype then remaining cautious. There’s alot to play and alot of fun to be had, but for now I’ll dabble in a few new releases and wait for the rest to get cheaper before I break the bank like I did on last year’s E3!

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