Real Neat Blogger Nomination

Thanks to Red Metal for this nomination. I’m chuffed to get my first ever nomination for my blog. I’ve made a number of blogs in the past so it’s nice to have made one which people enjoy reading and consider ‘Real Neat’. Sometimes likes and comments are a good indicator of a blogs success but to get this sort of appreciation is incredibly meaningful to someone who’s never had something like this before. So once again. Thanks 🙂

Question 1 â€“ What is your earliest gaming memory?

My earliest gaming memory which I’ve touched on in a previous blog, is of the playing Breakout on the Atari. Although my memory is very faint and I think it was an arcade triple pack and I think it was the Atari 7800 I remember the fondest, however I know my dad had a number of systems. Nonetheless I remember Breakout as a my favorite game and I also enjoyed Missile Command, however I was terrible at it. I also remember playing a golf game on the Commodore 64 with my dad who used to be a gamer at the time. This wasn’t the earliest memory but it is a fond one because my dad lost interest in gaming not long after I gained interest so there was only a small overlap where we were playing games together.

Question 2 â€“ When did you start blogging and why?

This blog specifically I started very recently, back in mid March, so only 3 months at this point. I found myself thinking in depth about video gaming, things ranging from ‘What makes the Nintendo Switch so popular’, to ‘what’s the appeal of the Ataribox‘, to ‘appreciating what’s so great about gaming as a hobby‘. So I decided to write about these things. I’ve made personal type blogs in the past but I always found them to be cringy and I deleted them not long after making them, but many people can relate to gaming experiences because many people game. So although I didn’t necessarily know if I could make a popular blog, I at least knew I could be make a blog I’m proud of and explore games and topics around gaming that people can relate to and discuss.

So I took all my thoughts and made a post about each of them and as I think of interesting gaming thoughts I write them down and post about them on a weekly basis at this stage. I’m not much of a game reviewer because so many people do that, but for me video gaming has been a much more holistic experience. It’s not just about playing games for me, but also about the systems, the nostalgia, the stories, the history of the people and companies involved, the love and appreciation people put into games, the love and appreciation people have for games. I kinda wanted to share these types of things, I mean I don’t know how much people care about this sort of stuff, I don’t imagine it’s as popular as game reviews and gaming news. However it is what I enjoy writing about so at least at this stage, it’s what I will write about, and it certainly seems to be interesting for some.

Question 3 â€“ What feature do you wish any of your consoles had that they currently don’t?

I wish the PS4 had native VR support instead of a mess of cables, I wish the Switch had support for the older games, I appreciate it’s not getting Virtual Console, but why can’t it at least support the virtual console games (somehow) that were bought on other systems. Also folders and Youtube.

Question 4 â€“ Name a movie that you wish had a video game made after it and what developer would you want to make it and why?

In recent years I’m not much of a movie buff, however I recently listened to the 1984 audiobook by George Orwell and I know there is a movie based off it. So a story driven action adventure based around that universe would be incredible. The developer would be Naughty Dog in collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios now obviously that couldn’t happen as Naughty Dog is a 1st party developer of Sony’s, but their story telling is amazing and the world’s Bethesda can create are also amazing. So an open world 1984 universe by made by Bethesda with the story by Naughty dog would probably be my perfect game. Also I find dystopian stories very compelling and with the intricacies of the world George Orwell created in 1984 it would be incredibly atmospheric and engaging.

Question 5 â€“ Do you have a games room/corner? If so, let us see it and show your favorite thing in there?

Yes I do! Here is my lounge setup:


…and here is my retro setup:


My favorite thing in my lounge setup is probably my Switch because it is what re-invigorated my interest in gaming in March of last year. My retro setup would have to be my third generation consoles pictured above (3x Master Systems, 2x Atari 7800’s and 2x NES’s) as they are the exact ones I grew up on, they were originally my Dad’s however he passed them down to me recently when I decided I wanted to refurbish them and play them (I haven’t asked him why he had multiple of each console, maybe I’ll ask him at some point).

These are noteworthy as my dad never bought us 4th generation consoles or later, we grew up playing 3rd gen until we had PC’s good enough to play decent games. Eventually 6th generation consoles came, and my Dad was given a couple of Mega Drive’s and SNES’s which I didn’t play much on as they were so outdated at the time. Recently my Dad gave me these along with the 3rd gen consoles, all other consoles I’ve bought over time. I genuinely love my little collection and even if in 10 or so years I lose interest in gaming, I’ll never get rid of any of them as I’ll always remember how much they mean to me now and meant to me in my childhood.

Question 6 â€“ Do you have a child or a pet? Which character do you name it after?

My wife and I have two rabbits, named Pudge and Alaska. They are named after ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green. Pudge is the main protagonist, it’s his nickname, his real name is Miles. Alaska is Pudge’s love interest and obviously by the name of the book she is the one being ‘looked for’ both literally and probably metaphorically.

Question 7 â€“ What keeps you going when gaming?

Generally speaking I simply enjoy playing video games, if I spend too long away from playing them I want to do nothing else but play them. It’s like sitting and watching a movie or watching TV, it really is just another form of entertainment. What keeps me going when I am stuck on a game or losing interest in a game is really just a strong desire for completion. I’m never too interested in 100%ing games but completing the main components is incredibly important to me, especially ones that I’ve wanted for a long time.

It’s kind of hard for me to let go of completing a game, whatever reason it may be, because it’s buggy, I lose interest, I’m struggling to complete it. I have to force myself away from games I’ve invested time into sometimes, simply because I come to realise it’s no longer worth my effort and my time is better spent on a game I’ll enjoy more. This is my struggle right now but I’m getting there.

It’s also worth noting, I used to be a heavy PC gamer, I’ve lost interest in gaming on PC and to this day struggle to find it enjoyable. Although it may not make sense to some but I simply prefer gaming on consoles, sitting back on a couch away from my desk (where I also study at) and just enjoying video games without the potential of distraction of emails and notifications and things I need to do. However I do still buy games for my PC and have a huge backlog of Steam games to get through. It’s just a very small amount of time and money that I put into PC gaming these days as I simply don’t see a point if I’m not going to play anything on it. But in short.. pivoting my investment into consoles has proved incredibly worthwhile and such a great hobby from both a gaming perspective and collecting perspective.


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The Geeky Reviewer

Free time = Game time

Also thanks again Red Metal for the nomination!


All images are taken by the Author of Gaming Detour, except for the featured image which is the nomination badge, for the ‘Real Neat Blog Award’.


  1. I remember playing Arkanoid on the NES as a kid, which is a lot like Breakout.

    I think as long as you keep at it, you’ll find yourself writing full-fledged reviews of games in no time.

    Yeah, Sony forcing players to pay a triple-digit price for VR seems a little excessive. It would’ve made more sense to have it be an innate feature of the PS4. At least this generation has generally been a bit better when it comes to not having too many cables for their consoles. Then again, the lack of backwards compatibility is a real pain; it doesn’t seem to be a problem hardware manufacturers are quick to solve.

    I don’t have that many old consoles, though I still have my SNES and Nintendo 64.

    I’m glad you had fun completing this tag!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the comment! yes sometimes I think it’s like DLC but for console hardware (in terms of cabling and console extras etc.). It usually feels overpriced for what it offers and often feels like it would be better implemented had it come ‘out of the box’.

    I’ll keep at it, I’ve been pretty busy lately as in the process of a career change, but I can’t imagine ever stopping for too long as I love games too much and there’s so much to talk about in the gaming world these days 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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