My experience with the PC gaming VS Console gaming debate.

I’m really enjoying doing comparison type posts of late, so here’s another! A little bit different though as it’s more one from my experience rather than a factual debate (plenty of those exist already!). Well.. it was going to be a little more from factual standpoint however as I started writing it turned into a life story about my gaming history etc. and because I was enjoying writing it, I kinda pivoted to making about my experience on the matter. It is a popular conversational topic for sure, and one which rings very close to home for me as for the longest time, I was solely a PC gamer.

My gaming timeline is roughly like this:

  • 1991 (Born) -> Wooden Blocks
  • 1995 -> Atari 7800
  • 1996 – 1999 -> NES and Master System
  • 1997 – Now -> PC Gamer
  • 2004 – PS1/Mega Drive and SNES
  • 2008 – 2011 -> Nintendo DS
  • 2012 – 2014 -> Nintendo Wii
  • 2017 – Literally everything else

Most of you may look at that and have a few questions, but the main point is that I dabbled in consoles as I had the opportunity to do so, however I never really invested in them as I had a PC and that’s where I played games.

However I lost interest for about 5 years, although I occasionally played on the Wii and my PC, generally speaking I didn’t play games at all until early 2017 when I was so intrigued with the Switch that I bought it and instantly fell in love with it. Honestly if it wasn’t for having some money to spare (Which barely ever happens) I wouldn’t have bought it because I simply thought I’d never play it.

I mean, during this 5 year lul of games I always wanted to play them, I enjoyed the idea of them and enjoyed following the evolution of gaming hardware etc. But every time I sat down to try and play a game I all of a sudden wasn’t interested. This wasn’t the case when I bought the switch. All I wanted to do was to play it and I played alot of it, and still do. However what truly got me into where I am now, which is owning most consoles and playing most consoles, is the lack of titles on the Switch to start with. I was running out of games I wanted to play, I mean I have 300+ games on my Steam account, but I was still completely uninterested in playing them so what was the solution?

Well to buy an Xbox because it was on special for the E3 sales, then I was like, but I want to try VR and play Playstation’s exclusives so I bought a PS4, then I was like gee I’m enjoying gaming, why don’t I collect those old consoles from my Dad’s and see if they still work and maybe start a bit of a collection. Then I was like.. well now I have about 10 different consoles in my house, why not collect the ones I still don’t have.. then I started an Instagram and a blog and here I am…

.. and my point is, that, I kinda exploded into the console gaming universe like someone who really wanted to game, but had no idea how to get back into it.. and then figured that out.. and then completely emptied his wallet on the solution.. and has no regrets about doing so. I mean I used to be quite a heavy drinker and since abstaining from alcohol after numerous regretful actions, I’ve instead poured that money into gaming, which I feel has been a far more worthwhile investment.

Which I think is quite a profound situation to be in. To really want to play video games, but simply aren’t sure how to get into it, or where to start. I have heard many stories of people who got back into gaming because of the Nintendo Switch, I think the console is such an adaptive piece of gaming hardware, where instead of you having to conform to the constraints of the console, the console has to adapt to you and your lifestyle. This was a very engaging way to help me get back into the swing of things.

I think for me alot of it was just losing interest in gaming on my PC, where my PC became a place of work more than pleasure and still is. My PC used to be in my bedroom in my parents house, then my bedroom in my share house, then my study in mine and my wife’s house, my PC has evolved into a tool for my career more than a tool for gaming. Because of this I feel like I don’t want to finish studying or whatever I’m doing, then close MS word and open GTA 5. I want to go into another room to play GTA 5, or Uncharted, or Zelda. For me I found, the physical separation both of room and hardware was necessary to get me back into gaming. I mean, I still occasionally play games on my PC, but not for long, it’s kinda sad really, I have many games still to complete or even play on my Steam account, but they just lay dormant because I can’t bring myself to finish them (Except for Skyrim and Tomb Raider).

I used to pride myself on being a member of the PC master race, of having the superior graphics and superior controls for FPS and MMORPG games. But now I don’t care at all. It’s far more about, what relaxes me the most. I’m not particularly competitive, I just want to relax and enjoy a video game. I can do that now.

I know that PC’s are superior in a bunch of ways, but I think that console’s are so popular because they aren’t trying to be the best piece of hardware. They are just trying to be the best console experience. Because a console experience holds alot of weight for a lot of people. Some people are like me and don’t enjoy gaming on the same hardware they work on. Some don’t like adjusting all the graphics settings and fiddling around with computer settings and installing drivers and setting up controls etc. for the PC, they just want an easy out-of-the-box experience. Some want a more family oriented experience where multiple people can sit around a console and play/watch on the TV screen… and then PC gamer’s want the ability to adjust and tweak performance, max out their settings, upgrade their PC’s etc. I used to love doing these things too, hell I kinda still do but then I just play the game for 30 minutes go “Oh wow” and then close the game down.

One day I’ll have to buy/build a dedicated gaming PC, place it in another room and see if doing so helps me enjoy PC gaming more, but for now I really enjoy console gaming and feel like I’m getting everything I’m after by that experience…

.. so I think if you are in the strange situation of wanted to get back into gaming but find you just can’t, maybe try a new experience that’s vastly different, maybe you’re the opposite to me and find console’s just aren’t cutting it for you and you want more control over your gaming experience, PC’s are great for this .. One of the exciting things about gaming is it comes in so many different forms. I strongly believe there’s a gaming experience for everyone, even people who say they aren’t gamer’s, like my wife says she isn’t a gamer, but then I see her playing games on her phone ..

So as with most things it’s personal preference, but furthermore it can sometimes just be needing a change of pace.. and there’s a level of comfort in realizing that at least in the world of gaming, there’s always a video game or a console, or computer, or phone, or tablet, or handheld device etc. that will meet your gaming desires and may too rejuvenate your long lost love of video games.

Featured Image: Taken by the author of Gaming Detour


  1. I find I tend to switch been the two. There might be a long stretch in which I don’t play a single PC game followed up with one in which I barely touch my consoles. I think it mostly depends on when I decide to upgrade my PC because keeping up with consoles has been relatively easy. Then of course, there’s the matter of the game’s genre. Playing a platformer on a keyboard is much more difficult than with a controller. Meanwhile, it would be a major pain attempting to play a real-time strategy game using anything other than a keyboard/mouse interface.

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    • Yeah I used to be a big FPS fan on PC but since hopping on consoles I’ve become more of an open world rpg or platform kinda person. If I was to attempt a call of duty or something I’d definitely do that on PC. But that genre doesn’t really interest me anymore anyway.

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