My Thoughts on Xbox in 2018

So I recently bought the Xbox One X. For a number of reasons. Most aren’t even related to the 6 TF of power it sports, but some definitely are.. Although I’m writing today not so much about what the pros and cons are of the One X but more about the decisions leading up to making an investment into Xbox’s top tier console when, at least in this generation, it’s often seen as the under dog in the console wars?

Well.. for starters.. I like underdogs.. but more it’s because Xbox is ticking all of my boxes. Unlike PlayStation. PlayStation was my original favorite this generation because of it’s sizable number of exclusive titles, not just more games the better, but games I really wanted to play, like Uncharted, like the Quantic Dream games, like Persona 5 etc. Most of my friends have a PlayStation and at least at the time, the online was a bit cheaper and offered a bit more. Although I feel like over the past year, PlayStation has become greedy and Xbox has become more generous.

As cross play started becoming more prevalent across consoles and PC, PlayStation did not want to take part (as we all surely know by now). Which is fine I guess, but not when you are locking down my 3rd party accounts because of it. PlayStation raised the price of online by $1 AUD/month (I know.. it’s just a $1 but still..), they also announced they’ll soon be stopping PS3 and Vita titles as part of their monthly games for PS Plus. Further their support for backwards compatible titles has always been a little mediocre in my opinion. I appreciate that some of that has to do with the architecture of the PS3, but still when Xbox allows you to pop your Xbox 360 disc in your Xbox One it is easy to wish could PlayStation do the same.

Which brings me to Xbox, which I feel has gone in the opposite direction, they last year announced backwards compatibility with the original Xbox, not only this, they showed off the Xbox One X touting full ‘X’ support for all these titles from the Xbox and Xbox 360. Xbox supports cross play 100%, and has a very satisfactory Netflix style gaming library unlike PlayStation’s, where you can download the games as opposed to just stream them, and they are good, some even are brand new games. Xbox also is making a push for more first party titles, with taking on 5 new development studios most of which are studios I really like.

So the shift that has happened the past year has certainly been an interesting one. It’s clear that Xbox is trying to remove some of the stigma it’s suffered this generation of being the lesser powered console with not much to offer except generally being cheaper. To a situation where it’s the most powerful console on offer, in the future will likely have a decent array of exclusives, and there doesn’t seem to be any slow down on the support for backwards compatibility. Plus I genuinely like the CEO of Xbox Phil Spencer, I have alot of trust in this guy’s ability to bring Xbox from what was starting to seem like the brink of demise, to being a genuine rival with PlayStation like it was the last generation.

For me, as silly and irrelevant as this may seem to some. I think my buying an Xbox One X is beyond most other things, simply because I want Phil Spencer to have my money far more than I want John Kodera, because the trust I have in the direction each CEO is taking each brand. I feel like buying an Xbox One X will remain a safe investment for many years to come because Xbox will keep it relevant and keep it compatible, I don’t have the same level of faith in PlayStation as I just feel like what I buy there is pretty locked to PlayStation at that generation level.

But I guess lets be honest, I’ll probably buy future hardware from both companies and Nintendo, and maybe whoever else is popping in to the console wars out of the 4-5 other companies seemingly attempting to. However as far as cross platform titles are concerned, I’m leaning towards getting them mostly on Xbox as I feel like that’s my best investment at this stage. I mean I’d see Nintendo as an equally good investment if it wasn’t for lack of backwards compatibility. The poor graphics quality obviously factors in too however the portability adds a different dimension that kinda even’s out the playing field a bit, in my opinion of course.

So yes, I bought a One X and I’m satisfied with it, it’s obviously far better resolution than the One S and slightly better than the PS4 Pro. These things are obvious. However I have a prediction that it will remain relevant for far longer than people think. Maybe people can give me their two cents on this, but I think the One X may become the entry level for the next generation of console’s. Like they’ll release the Xbox Two and the Xbox One X will gain complete or near complete forwards compatibility with the generation. I imagine like an update pops up on the console that says “Would you like to update this console for the next generation?” Maybe there’s the opportunity to opt out, but if you say yes, the upgrade will convert the interface to the Xbox Two interface and will support Xbox Two games with complete backwards compatibility.

Obviously this is complete speculation but because Xbox is being so good lately, I’m willing to err on the side of clever, innovative, generous ideas for now.. until one day 10 years from now when Xbox is ahead of the game and it’s PlayStations turn to start offering up generous features that benefit the consumer.. but for now.. I’m genuinely enjoying watching the little guys, both Xbox and Nintendo clawing their way back up the ladder. Because they are, and it’s working, and I look forward to seeing what all 3 companies have in store for us in the coming years.

Featured Image: By dronepicr (XBOX ONE X Gamescom) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Hmmm…interesting thoughts. And though I am still more of a PlayStation fan I will admit the fact that XBox has been doing a better job in making stuff backwards compadible. Which in turn would make it last longer and be more desirable.
    Makes you wonder what’s going to happen to PS3 games on the PSN store in the future…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good question. Well maybe the PS5 will have BC support? If so that’d be incredible. Especially if it went back through the generations. For now though I enjoy the odd PS3 title on a 2nd hand PS3 I bought.


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