Nintendo Online – Part Two

TL;DR After 12 days of using the service, I will conclude that in it’s present state.. it’s about worth the amount you pay…

For me, I was most excited about the classic games, and I feel they’ve been implemented really well. For anyone who wants a refresh this link sums up what’s currently available, as well as what’s to come in the following months. In particular Super Mario Bros. 3 takes me right back to my childhood so I’m currently working through that. I’m also keen to run through Double Dragon and Legend of Zelda. Then later in the year, Metroid is definitely a standout for me. I’m a big fan of revisiting the origins of popular franchises. The online side of things was a little disappointing for me as it seems only available for whoever is on your friends list, or split screen two player is available too. I was kinda hoping for online multiplayer with whoever, but it’s still pretty cool that you can play online with friends for games that never originally had that functionality.

Otherwise I really like the ‘Nesflix’ style of ‘Virtual Console’, if this is the replacement for virtual console. Back on the Wii’s virtual console I was always hesitant to buy old NES games they I’d heard of but never played.. so I never bought them. Now I can try out NES games I never had the opportunity to play, without having to invest more money than I otherwise would. I appreciate this isn’t for everyone.. but I like it. Hopefully Nintendo expand to SNES and N64, as there are many titles for these systems I never got to play as a child as I never got these systems till I was an adult. I also have a Retropie, but I find it really clunky for playing anything beyond just testing a game to see if I like it, but I find the ‘Nesflix’ to be really simple and easy to work with. For me the $30 AUD a year is worth it for the NES games alone.

The cloud saves have received some clarification. We have since learned that the saves stay in the cloud for 6 months after an online subscription expires. To me this seems perfectly adequate in my opinion and it’s also similar to what Sony offers. However once  the subscription expires, you must resubscribe to the service to be able access them within the 6 month period. Which is a little annoying, but if you were in a pinch, you could sign back up to the online service for a month to get access to the cloud saves and then let it lapse again once you’ve sync’d them from the cloud.

I don’t think people are asking for too much.. I think they just want a little reassurance that if they forget to renew their subscription (If they don’t have it set to Auto Renew), or if they accidentally cancel it or can’t for afford it for a little while or for some reason, they’re membership lapses. Their saves aren’t gone forever, and further they know how long they have to organise a way to sign back up. The opportunity for piece of mind goes a long way when people are giving you money for a service that needs to be adequate and reliable. That being said, it is unfortunate not all games support cloud saves.. especially Splatoon 2, however at least the information is available to see what games are and aren’t supported. Most of the time people, or at least me, just want transparency of what is offered by a service.

I have yet to use the phone app, (except a couple times for Splatoon 2 back in the day). However I’ve heard it isn’t that bad (you know.. for what it is..), it’s quite quick to connect and start a chat session with people for the classic NES titles for example. So at least it works well…. *sigh*…

Beyond that there’s the actual ‘online’ component to the service.. which you know.. we’ve all had up to this point so there’s not much to say. Except that in the Nintendo Switch Online section of the eShop there’s a list of games that Nintendo Switch Online supports, which may be handy to some.

Lastly there’s the special offers which I hope is incoming and decent. So we’ll see. But all in all in it’s present state, it’s about worth the cost. I would like it to be better over time and I hope Nintendo improves on it over time. Maybe full online support for classic titles, maybe removal or at least the option of not having to use the phone app; SNES and 64 games in the classic games line up, all games supporting cloud saves in the future? There’s alot Nintendo can do, as always it will be interesting to see what happens.

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