I still love the Sega Master System

Above is a picture of one of my first gaming memories. The Sega Master System. The one pictured is the very same I played on back in the 90’s, obviously a little banged up but still works like a dream.

My Growing library of Master System Games

Above are the Master System games that are currently in my collection. Most are, once again, the exact games from my childhood. However some I repurchased only to realize later they were in a closet at my parents place even though I’d already scoured their house for everything retro.

I most fondly remember Sonic 1 and 2, Rescue Mission, Wonder Boy and Teddy Boy, loved all of these games. Bank Panic, Shinobi, Dick Tracy, Hang On, California games, Arcade Smash Hits I also have fond memories of playing, however never got into them quite as much. I recall my brother loved Shinobi though and was always much better than me at it.

I had some fun playing the above titles recently. Some serious nostalgia from all games especially Hang-On which I remember always being the first thing I saw if a game didn’t boot properly as it came built into the systems memory.

Rescue mission was really surprising as I found the graphics to be quite detailed for an 8-bit system and the light gun worked incredibly well on my CRT.

I love Teddy Boy

One of the games I’m still a fan of is Teddy Boy. I’m not great at it.. but it’s just a fun little game with an addictive tune. I wish I was better at it, but to be able to still play it on original hardware. It’s just a great experience.

We also owned a couple of Master System 2’s which back in the day I always thought was a better system, but now I’ve come to realize that it really isn’t beyond the fact that it comes with Alex Kidd built in.

It lacks a Sega Card port and any A/V output, neither of which bothered me back in the day but now I come to realize it was really just a cut down version of the console, something that companies to this day just love to keep doing!

So what are other people’s experience with the Sega Master System? Absolutely love it? As I say it’s basically my childhood console narrowly beating out the NES, but I feel like it was ahead of it’s time and heavily overshadowed by the Mega Drive, obviously a great system too but the Master System deserves it’s fair share of love.

Post Images: All taken by the author of Gaming Detour


  1. I haven’t played that many Master System games, though I think the Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog is surprisingly decent and Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap is a game I felt managed to be a better Metroidvania than the original Metroid.


    • Yes I think Sega did a great job of Sonic on the Master System and the soundtrack is just amazing.. the soundtrack alone is enough to make me want to replay it!

      Wonder boy III I never played on Master System but I played the remake on switch and it was amazing.

      Reminds me that I need to play through Metroid via NES Switch Online!

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