An Appreciation for Playstation

To be clear, I have a background as a PC gamer, as some of you may know. My parent’s bought a PS1 back in.. sometime early – mid 2000’s, because it was dirt cheap and I think they thought that console models went up and down in the same steps as PC’s did. My dad has a history with consoles, but not anything post 3rd generation, which is great because he is also a bit of a hoarder and hence I was able to get his old consoles to add to my collection. But not so great because when he lost interest in gaming, he no longer kept track of “what the kids are into these days” and my next console wasn’t until the Wii which I bought myself in 2012 (and a DS in 2008).

Me replacing the laser of the PS1. Works much better now.

My point is that I never really had experience with Playstation’s brand until 2017, not anything more substantial than “Cool this PS1 still works.” I love the PS1 now, but I didn’t appreciate retro gaming until around 2014 when I first dug out my Dad’s old NES and set it up in what used to be my bedroom and it worked!.. after alot of blowing on the Super Mario Bros 3 cartridge.

As I was growing up especially my late teens, I’d come across games that I really wanted to play. Then I’d look them up and see they were only on console. This used to disappoint me, but this was a time when I had no money so I was comfortable enough to see it as ‘just how it is’. I guess I figured that if I didn’t know what I was missing out on, then I wasn’t missing out on anything. By this time the people I knew were more PC gamers anyway, and if they gamed on console, they were games that came out on PC like COD and Battlefield etc.

After buying a Switch in 2017 which I became instantly addicted to, my next console was an XB1 which I enjoyed.. but shortly after I wanted a PS4 because I was having buyers remorse, thinking “maybe I should’ve bought a PS4”. So I bought a PS4.. and it was a good decision. Don’t get me wrong, my XB1 was and is great.. but at the time I think the PS4 really filled the hole in my gaming experience I was looking for. This was around the time when the switch had about 30-40 games on it and I’d played all the ones I wanted to, I was enjoying gaming in the lounge and on a console and simply wanted more.

Apologies for the poor quality

This was my first PS4. I bought it mid 2017 for $220 second hand it smelled like cigarette smoke, and was kinda gross.. but not as gross as the controller was.. but it worked well and I cleaned it up as much as I could and became very happy with it after that.

It was at this point that I began to appreciate the PS4, and understand why people loved it more than the XB1. I don’t think it’s necessarily completely about the exclusives, but it kinda just feels like a system completely for gaming. There are no distractions, the interface is quite simple and the games are really good. To this day the PS4 to me still feels like it has a better interface and sometimes when I turn it on and see all my games sitting in a row on the screen it feels much more welcoming than the XB1 interface.

From this point I systematically went through and played all the games that I couldn’t get on any other system:

I started with Heavy Rain and my latest was God of War. I haven’t played all of the above but of the ones I have played, I’ve never been disappointed, Sony has some great exclusives. Obviously you can see PS3 and PS2 games in there too.. well I went and bought a PS3 and PS2 later in 2017 also.. and to be honest.. the exact same thing, not disappointed. Sony throughout the generations has some amazing exclusives.

Me trying to take a stylised picture of my PS2 and PS3 next to each other

I’m not trying to say Sony is better than the other console companies (or Xbox in particular).. which is what alot of people tend to say. I’m simply saying I understand why people say it. If you’re only getting one system, you can have confidence that you’ll be satisfied with Playstation. If you want to turn your system on and get straight into a video game. In my experience this is a very seamless experience.

So for someone like me growing up with PC most of my teenage life, I feel like the Nintendo Switch is what got me curious about console gaming after many years of purely PC based gaming. But it’s the Playstation that sold me on it. The PC for me, at least my PC became a place of study and work, I lost interest in gaming on it and PC’s in general because of this association. I wanted a different location and a different interface and a seamless experience that just worked and I feel like Playstation does this the best, at least in my experience.

With all this said the truth is that now I probably game most on my Xbox One X. I might decide to explain why in a later blog post. However I will always see Playstation as the system that made console gaming really enjoyable for me and now I’m simply addicted to it.

References: All images were taken by the author of Gaming Detour

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