Gaming Detour 1st Anniversary

Hi all, just doing a post for the first anniversary of Gaming Detour. Personally I’m stoked to still be writing posts and having interaction with others on WordPress it’s a fun community and look forward to more blogging fun in the future!

Gaming Detour is still quite a small site in terms of content and following, but for me it’s been more about discussion of topics I enjoy talking about and sharing of my life with gaming. In fact I remember when I decided to create a gaming blog, it was primarily because I kept speculating on video games and consoles, wondering about the future, about generations to come etc. From that I figured why not blog about it and share with others who also enjoy this kind of speculation. I’ve since grown to start doing news, reviews, opinion pieces and more recently retrospectives similar to what I used to do on my Instagram. It’s a great platform because as my interests in what I want to write about change, I feel comfortable enough to pivot in that direction.

My blog went through a number of changes in terms of it’s name, it was originally called Gaming Slaw, then Gaming In General before settling on Gaming Detour

The idea behind each name was to illude to the fact I didn’t really just want to talk about upcoming games, news and reviews, but I wanted to talk about, gaming in general (Hence the idea to call it ‘Gaming in General’. The idea for Gaming Slaw originally came from ‘Gaming Lore’ but I changed Lore to Slaw as in Coleslaw in an attempt to be clever. I eventually hated both names and settled on Gaming Detour, in reference to taking a detour from the usual conversation happening in the world of games and talking about other things, new ideas, old ideas, just anything else. Now this hasn’t always happened, but it was the idea.

Most recently I got rid of the background as pictured below:

Which was mostly to go with the new theme I went for as I thought it looked better without the background.. and for those who are interested the background of the header were some of my NES games all lined up in a row.

I don’t think I’ll use it again as I see the ‘Gaming Detour’ as more of a logo now than a header image, but we’ll see.

The most prominent change I made to my site was I bought the domain, as I kinda got sick of, but also I simply wanted to own that domain. I also upgraded to a premium account, mostly because I wanted to made changes to my theme and change the CSS. I also wanted to invest into my site as I’m proud of it even though it’s quite small. I feel it made sense as I spend money on a number of my other hobbies, so why not my blog. So far it has been a worthwhile investment and I’m getting more and more out of the hobby each time I post or update my site or discuss gaming with other WordPress users.

So I hope to keep producing content and improving my site and interacting with fellow gamers.

Thankyou all for following and reading my content!



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