Latest pick-ups Feb-Mar 2019

I’ve decided to start posting the games I purchase on probably a monthly basis, just as a way to kind of showcase my gaming interests and create discussion around different games. Maybe as a way to help me decide what to play next!

I buy most of my games from sales and thrift stores, often I go to Ozbargain which details many Australian sales that are happening, usually online and alot of people post about current and upcoming sales in video games etc. Occasionally I go thrift stores and find some decent games for dirt cheap. Usually scratched and sometimes the game isn’t in the packaging, but usually it is an operational game and the packaging alone in my opinion is worth the price so I’m barely ever bothered by it.

The games I bought over the past month mostly game from EB Games 4 for $20 sale, which is a nightmare to find anything worthwhile, but there are a number of hidden gems in amongst the 2000 games that are part of the sale. Other’s came from a different EB Games sale (There’s always at least one at any given time) and some from Ebay.

Final Fantasy X / X-2 / XIII

I bought Final Fantasy X and X-2 for about $8.00 each including postage, X-2 even includes the manual. X-III was $5.00 and came in an Xbox case so I took it out for the picture. All discs are slightly scratched but I’m confident they’ll all work okay.

I’ve never been too much of a Final Fantasy person. However been playing a few JRPG’s lately and thoroughly enjoyed Final Fantasy XV, so figured I’d add a few of the more recent titles to my backlog.

Sonic Colours DS / Sushi Striker Switch / Super Mario 3D Land 3DS

The games above account for my Nintendo cartridge based pick-ups over the past month. Pictured as cartridges only because the cases provided by EB Games were the generic ones they give out so decided to just show the cartridges.

  • Sonic Colours is a game I’ve played on the Wii and enjoyed so I’m curious to see what the DS version is like, why not at $5. If it’s anything like Sonic Rush I’m confident I’ll enjoy it.
  • I can say similar for Super Mario 3D Land. I’ve recently completed 3D world on the Wii U and found it thoroughly enjoyable, so once finishing it had no problem spending $24 on a preowned copy of the 3DS counterpart.
  • Lastly Sushi Striker was just really cheap. I’ve heard people be divided on their opinion of this game, mostly due to price, which is why I had no problem getting it when EB Games had it at $19 down from $58.

Enslaved / Valkyria Chronicles

Enslaved, if I remember correctly is what sent me down the EB Games rabbit hole. I heard about Enslaved from Spawnwave, it’s a game I’d heard of but kinda skipped over for some reason. I really enjoyed Heavenly Sword and Hellblade, so after looking into Enslaved and seeing Ninja Theory attached to it also then checking the price at EB and seeing $5.00, it was a no brainer.

Valkyria Chronicles was more of a ‘try something new’ pick-up, it’s far from a genre I’m a fan of, but I’m only ‘not a fan’ because I’ve not played any Japanese Military Tactical RPG’s before, was $5 sold out on EB Games, so paid $10 on Ebay instead, in quite good condition too!

Both games were in excellent condition barely any scratches and came with manuals too. Playing Enslaved at the moment, as I expected.. so far.. and excellent game!

The Evil Within / Mass Effect Andromeda / Dreamfall Chapters, Far Cry Primal / Far Cry 4 / Agents of Mayhem

Yes, I picked up a bunch of Xbox One games the past month. I’ve been collecting a bit for my Xbox One since getting the One X.

The games pictured are all from EB Games, some brand new, some not brand new, but all between $4-12. So far I’ve only started Dreamfall Chapters but keen to play all of them.

  • I’m curious to see what’s so terrible about Mass Effect Andromeda. I’m led to believe they’ve fixed alot of the bugs so I’m willing to make my own judgement on the game. However when compared to the previous trilogy, it has alot to live up to.
  • Far Cry is a series I’ve only ever got partially into, but I really enjoyed Far Cry 5 so keen to try 4 and especially Primal to see it’s different take on the Far Cry series.
  • Agents of Mayhem was $4 and as a fan of the Saints Row and Red Faction series wanted to form my own opinion of what was reviewed as an ‘average’ game.
  • Dreamfall chapters, just sounded cool to me, I appreciate it’s a continuation of the Longest Journey series which I tried to play through many years ago however lost interest in it, was kind of hoping this game would help me get back into the genre.
  • Lastly the Evil Within was $4 new.. so why not?

Zelda: Twilight Princess / Metroid Prime 3: Corruption / Star Fox Zero

Zelda I bought from Ebay for $12. Breath of the Wild got me really interested in the universe of Legend of Zelda so been meaning to buy another mainline title for some time. I’m excited to get into it.

Metroid Prime 3 was a pickup mostly due to the hype surrounding Metroid Prime 4. I’ve never played a Metroid Prime game so picked this up for $5 to try it out.

Lastly Star Fox was $9 which seemed a good price to me, so I wanted to try it out, also I enjoy collecting for the Wii U because you know, there’s not many games to collect. Seems like an easy task.


Lastly I recently bought Gravel. It was $12 from EB Games brand new, and now it’s back up to $79.95. I’ve heard it’s not that good.. but I’ve played a couple hours of it. It’s definitely worth $12.00, maybe even $30.00 but definitely not $79.95.. it’s alot of fun.. but feels incomplete.

Honestly this is the most amount of games I’ve bought in a month in a long time.. which may very well be the thing that prompted me to start posting about them, but moving forward.. expect less.. unless I give in to temptation. I have alot to play!

References:All images were taken by the author of Gaming Detour.

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