My Thoughts on E3 2019

Following suit with last year, I’ve decided to do another ‘My Thoughts on E3’ post. A time of the year that anyone who follows gaming knows about, and many who love gaming get excited about. It certainly doesn’t feel like a year since last E3, but it’s here again and even with EA dropping it’s conference and Playstation not being there at all it’s still shaping up to be one hell of an E3.

Last year I opted to break down my thoughts on a per company basis. Which I almost decided to do this year, however when starting the post I realised although I’m excited for E3, I’m more excited for specific things I think will be talked about at E3 rather than the entirety of E3 itself. So this time around I might split things up into ‘Things I’m looking forward to at E3 2019″.

Nintendo E3 Direct

I love Nintendo Directs, I think Nintendo has really hit the nail on the head with the format, and we are beginning to see more and more companies adopt a similar pre-recorded format for their game announcements etc. Notably Sony’s State of Play. However for me I think it goes beyond the format, because I also enjoy the traditional press conference format, I think it simply depends on the company and what they have to deliver.

For example. If Nintendo were going to discuss their upcoming Switch Mini at E3 which they have stated they don’t plan on doing. I would prefer a more traditional format to see someone interacting with the new device and hear the reactions from the attendees. I just feel it would be a more authentic experience. However for game reveals and announcements, a company like Nintendo does very well with the format of the Direct. Personally I think it suits Nintendo not simply because it’s a clever format, but also because the kind of games Nintendo are known for showcase very well in the quick fire, quirky, colorful, 5 – 35 minute video they have become very well known for.

Admittedly I feel like last years E3 direct was maybe too Smash bros heavy for my liking, but for Smash bros fans.. I know they loved it.

A Youtuber I like, PlayerEssence reacting to the announcement of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Microsoft’s New Consoles

I have high hopes for Xbox this year. I feel like Microsoft does a good job with their E3 presentation’s, the last two I definitely enjoyed and felt what they had to announce warranted the full press conference format and the 1 and 1/2 hour length.

This year I’m pretty convinced we’ll at least hear some solid information on Microsoft’s new consoles code-named ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Lockhart’. Sony detailed the specs of the PS5 Mid April this year, and word is that the ‘Anaconda’ will be even more powerful, so for a tech nut like myself, I’d love to see what Microsoft manages to fit inside it’s latest console/s.

Further we should expect to be hearing some early game announcements from some of the 7 developers they acquired last year, you know aside from the things we already know. I’m also curious about their xCloud and how it will compare with Google Stadia.

Personally I really like the Xbox brand at the moment. Since I bought a One X, the Xbox has become my primary console and from everything I’ve been hearing and seeing it’s finally starting to put all the rights things in place to prove a real contender in the upcoming generation. I genuinely think Sony and Microsoft will be head to head in this upcoming generation, Sony will probably rule to start with, but as Microsoft builds up it’s exclusives, there are plenty of reasons to see Xbox rise to the competition.

I do get the impression Microsoft is less about directly competing with Sony than it used to be. In some ways it seems like it’s trying to go ‘all-in’ in every possible gaming direction and seeing what sticks. Which I would normally think is a bad idea, but for Microsoft, I think they can afford to experiment and keep pushing their gaming division as hard as possible. I honestly think it is working for them, slowly but surely, and I think it will produce positive results soon enough.

Basically anything Ubisoft

Ubisoft is one of those companies. Well. Probably the number one company that I continuously find myself being shocked by the sheer number of games they have going on simultaneously that I really enjoy. They are constantly satisfying my gaming needs, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, The Crew, plus a bunch more. I never endeavored to get into Ubisoft games so much, one day I just started paying attention to the publishers/developers of the games I played and realized a solid half were Ubisoft. Since then I’ve kinda been rooting for them. I feel like even though they’re one of the biggest game companies in the world, the fact that they are still essentially a family owned and run business. It kinda makes it feel like when I play their games I’m supporting a good company, or at least, one of the better video game giants out there.

I really like the way they bring everyone onto the stage at the end of their conferences

More Cyberpunk 2077 Info

Right from the get go I thought this game looked awesome. It combines a whole bunch of video game genre’s I enjoy, dystopian, futuristic, metropolis setting and role playing. I don’t see many games that feature this kind of setting at such a grand, realistic scale.

CD Projekt Red the creators of the Witcher series, a game series that never particularly tickled my fancy, not for the lack the series looking amazing. The historical fantasy setting is something I’m only occasionally into, however I would like to possibly give The Witcher 3 a shot just to get a feel for the developer’s games (and kind of hype myself up for Cyberpunk). The thing that puts me off the Witcher is the length of the game. I’m not opposed to playing games 50+ hours long, but when it’s a game that only kind of interests me it’s hard to convince myself to do. I’m sure Cyberpunk will be a similar length, but for a game that sounds amazing to me, I want it to be long, provided it remains a rich universe with heaps to see and do.

Which is probably what appeals to me the most about Cyberpunk, is that’s the impression I get. It is a rich universe with much to explore, lots of rich story, lots of interesting characters, and in a setting that is kinda relevant to what some may envision the year 2077 actually looking like in some of our big cities. So I hope CD Projekt Red delivers some more information about the game, primarily a release date and some more gameplay footage, maybe even people being able to play it at E3 to get their impressions of it.

Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer

Final Thoughts

I’ll also pay attention to Bethesda, PC Gaming Show, Square Enix and whatever EA’s doing with their EA Play event, however at this stage, I don’t have much I’m really hanging out to see from these publishers and events. I feel like I have enough to be excited about, and certainly enough to keep me busy in gaming as it is. But sometimes it’s just a lot of fun to see what is the cutting edge of gaming. What is the near future of gaming, what the vibe is with these big developers and publishers. What is happening out there in the gaming world and what there is to look forward to. Especially moving into a new generation of gaming. 


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