Do you ever wonder if you have too many hobbies? I managed to finish RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) finally the other week, now I’m finding 1 hour roughly every second night to play Kingdom Hearts 3… and whats waiting around the corner but the Witcher 3 on my “to play” list. I guess it’s my decision to play longer games like these, but I used to have time to play them, however lately I’ve been quite busy and E3 had a ton of stuff that excited me and all I can think is, I just can’t keep up.

For a hobby that’s 95% of the time, fun. I do occasionally get stressed by the sheer amount that I want to play but don’t find the time for. I find myself getting motivated to play through my backlog, but then spend 2 hours faffing around in an open world game or struggling through a platformer and find that it’s just not as simple as running through a checklist of games. It even got to the point that I questioned if gaming is still something I’m as passionate about as I have been the past couple of years. What a saddening thought to have!

However I think that as a gamer with alot of other things on his plate, as I’m sure we all have. I personally find it difficult to not get wrapped up in hype. You hear people finishing games you haven’t even bought yet but wanted to buy day one. People who are going back to their 20th play through of some of my favorite retro titles that I couldn’t even begin to consider having the time for. I think when it comes to these things, it’s easy to begin to feel a little competitive. Like there’s so many games to be played, “everyone” is playing and talking about them, I want to also.

I guess what I’m learning is that I can’t play everything, nor should I want to (If I can avoid it). There is so much choice out there. So many amazing games to play, something out there for everyone. The ability to find something that is uniquely suited to your interests is almost too easy these days.

I’ve spent alot of time trying to keep up, but I think at this stage, I’ll just play what interests me, and stop playing if it doesn’t interest me. I guess it’s a recipe for a bunch of unplayed games, or half played games, however I think you can separate game collecting and game playing. I kinda think you have to sometimes. Why does a backlog have to be “Every game you haven’t played that you own”, which is basically how I’ve defined my backlog. If instead a backlog was “Every game I currently want to play,” the list would be shorter.

Idea’s for great games to revisit or play next come in gaming news, reviews and word of mouth all the time, if something sounds interesting to me I can play it when it interests me, not simply because I own it and because I own it I should play it.

I guess I’ve kinda got caught up a little especially with E3, but also in video game collecting, and following the hype of popular franchises etc. that I’ve forgotten that all that really needs doing, unless your like a professional game reviewer, which I’m very far from. Is to simply enjoy.

Featured image: License to use Creative Commons Zero – CC0

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