Nintendo Switch 2 and 1/2 years on

Essentially I wanted to write about, in my experience, the state of the Switch, what are it’s shortcomings, where it’s excelling. My switch lite should arrive in the post this Monday, however before then, I just felt it worthwhile to consider the state of the OG switch, maybe posit the question “when I bought the switch back in March 2017, did I think things would look like this 2 and 1/2 years on?”.

Okay so it’s a rather open ended question, but I still remember the Switch’s twilight, what it had that I loved, and what I wanted from it . Honestly the main things I wanted from the Switch that took a while to get there were a varied library of games, which took about 6 months to get going and now it’s basically out of control, and some kind of virtual console experience. Where by virtual console, I basically mean decent access to Nintendo, Sega etc.’s backlog.

However admittedly the less important things, like literally everything else I figured the Switch would have by now. It still doesn’t have:

  • Well organised eShop
  • Themes
  • Folders
  • Better home screen layout

Aswell as some things it’s done but, not really all that well:

  • Online
  • Cloud saves
  • Voice chat

It’s obvious to me that the Nintendo Switch is incredibly popular and despite some of it’s shortcomings, it’s clearly a hell of a stand out for console / handheld gaming in 2019. I feel like 2 and 1/2 years on, there’s nothing substantial I’m missing out on from the experience, it’s either implemented the things I want well, or at least tried, the rest is not too important. Except for folders which I’m bordering on the cusp of actually needing at this point.

I’m a little concerned about how well the interaction of cloud saves will work between my Nintendo Switch and the lite, I’ve heard it’s kind of a manual process. Which I don’t think I’m okay with, but I suppose I’ll see how things go once I start using it. I imagine I’ll probably just naturally find myself playing certain games on the lite and certain games on the Switch regular, but we’ll see.

As an early adopter of the Nintendo Switch and as someone who genuinely loves the Nintendo consoles and has always wanted to see Nintendo do well. I always feel happy to see Nintendo going from success to success with the Switch. It’s a very interesting company with great gaming innovations, it’s a huge part of my childhood and it’s games have defined so much of what the gaming industry is today. It’s just nice to see Nintendo doing as well as Playstation after the struggles of the Wii U. But I like seeing all gaming companies do well anyway, the more competition, the more innovation, the better variety and value for consumers.

Nintendo’s future seems awfully bright to me, as Playstation and Xbox continue to chase better graphics, frame rates and resolution. Nintendo just keeps going it’s own thing, although part of me would like to see Nintendo bring out a console that directly competes with Playstation and Xbox. It’s clear Nintendo is achieving success continuing to be different, which hasn’t always paid off, but they’ve landed on something special with the Switch.

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